Despite the contentions of one Todd Alperovitz, who shall remain nameless, Chris, Owen and I are not being jackasses to total strangers. All we’re doing is making a political statement via filming our humorous exploits around downtown. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right, damnit.

Apparently there are only two more days of school for seniors. While this may appear to be unfair for juniors, I’d like to add that they got to take both the SATs and ACTs this year, as well as having to wake up early for a whole week to take the MEAPs. Plus, they got to finish the insulting Driver’s Ed requirements to get their license, while also making sure to keep their GPA up. And they get to take finals in a few weeks. So it all evens out.

Ha, just kidding, juniors. Now just put down that baseball bat . . . easy. . . . Ow! Stop beating me! I’m sorry! Ow! Damn!

At any rate, the new poll this week is an important one, as it involves naming The Owl. What do you want its name to be?

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