How Many Sequels to ‘The Land Before Time’ Do We Need, Exactly?

I have written by far my stupidest article ever, “How Many Sequels to ‘The Land Before Time’ Do We Need, Exactly?” Whenever I entered a video store as an adolescent I used to always check which number “The Land Before Time” series was up to, and then I’d share a good chuckle with myself. I thought that chuckle would translate into a winning look at corporate excess, but the resulting article is nothing more than me swearing at a bunch of cartoon DVD covers. If you want to save yourself the trouble of reading this, the answer is 12. There are currently 12 sequels to The Land Before Time.

255 thoughts on “How Many Sequels to ‘The Land Before Time’ Do We Need, Exactly?

  1. This had my Roommate and me in stitches. A few lingering grammatical errors to be found here.

    Well Done. What possessed you to write about the land before time?

  2. actually, i think there are thirteeen =[

    Film The Land Before Time (1988) • The Great Valley Adventure (1994) • The Time of the Great Giving (1995) • Journey Through the Mists (1996) • The Mysterious Island (1997) • The Secret of Saurus Rock (1998) • The Stone of Cold Fire (2000) • The Big Freeze (2001) • Journey to Big Water (2002) • The Great Longneck Migration (2003) • Invasion of the Tinysauruses (2004) • The Great Day of the Flyers (2006) • The Wisdom of Friends (2007)

  3. Destro: The Land Before Time sequels intrigue me for some reason, even though I’ve never actually seen them. To be honest, a part of me would be heartbroken if they stopped making these sequels. Why stop at 13? We should start using them instead of years, like “I demand a raise! I’ve been working here since Journey to Big Water!” “I drive an Invasion of the Tinysauruses Honda Accord.” But which grammatical errors are you referring to? I’m sure you’re right, I just don’t want to read over my article.

  4. Without a doubt one of the funniest things I have ever read. I fell out of my chair twice reading this. Thank God they haven’t made any more movies yet or I probably would of pissed myself from laughing so hard.

  5. Thank-you for ruining my childhood memories. These used to be my favourite movies. Now they mean nothing.
    Though, you do rade a good point. I think they should have stopped at the 3rd one max. I’ve seen up to the great migration, the other 3 I did not know existed; and i’m glad, because they sound lame. (Along with the others, but coincidentally I still love them.) haha.

  6. I love this, my friend still gets the new land before time movie from his grandma every year for christmas (she doesn’t realize he’s 21 now) and we have an annual “get drunk and make fun of the new land before time movie” night sometime between christmas and new years. They’re even worse than described in this article . . . we usually quit after 15 minutes because they’re wholly retarded.

  7. I totally agree! I have never seen any of the sequels, and have refused to let children I have babysat for watch anything but the original.

    My main issue. Ducky. Who voices Ducky in the sequels? The original little girl (Judith Barshi, RIP) died in 1989, and will be sorely missed, so how could anyone else compare?

  8. this is crazy to stumble on this i grew up when the first land before time came out…my mom said i watched it 4 times a day literally. anyway i know I’ve seen land before time 2 with chopper but after that i left that train of movies.. seriously tho?? 14 how many plots can these come up with about 5 dinosaurs?? crazy anyway well thank you for informing me about the becomings of lbt.

  9. This article provoked vague memories of having seen the movie when I was very young. It also made me throw up a little in my mouth.

  10. God, that was motherfucking funny! I just couldn’t stop laughing. I am a land before time fan still, but god, that was the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I do love the land before time though and I hope they come out with many more sequels. If nothing else, I can read about how shitty you’ve found them to be. Have you considered writing reviews on the tv series?

  11. These movies are for children. Children love them dinosaurs. They would not mind if 20 sequels were made. Go get a life and stop bitching about kids movies and the covers of the DVD s.

  12. Are you kidding? The corporate queens found a revenue stream. What don’t you get? Stop watching children’s cartoons and go get a job. — chow

  13. Point taken, but to be honest this was aimed at kids. I have a 5 year old son and he loves all of them, as much as I cant stand to watch it. So it might not be your cup of tea, but once again it is not aimed at the adult market.

  14. Some of the commenters here need to lighten up. It’s a freakin hilarious review about a tribble-like movie series
    (which I happen to enjoy, but that makes this review all the more funnier because it’s so TRUE!!!) Make sure to update it when LBT 14 comes out. (I personally am betting on Land Before Time XIV:The Missing Pituitary Glands)

  15. Reading your pathetic ramblings was a waste of my time, and I’m embarrassed I’m wasting more time even posting this response. But I really need to defend this series as my kids love it and can’t wait for another sequel. Maybe you ought to concentrate your critique on the Disney movies instead as they impart even less of a moral message on kids. Besides, your crap is not even slightly amusing.

  16. Phippo: Critique Disney movies? No thanks! If you think you’re an asshole parent, you should see how sensitive Disney-loving parents can be. Imagine an asshole twice as big as you are and you can begin to understand what I’m talking about.

  17. One of the best articles I have read in a long time! I thought they stopped at 7, so I was in for a huge fucking surprise.

    Now the real question is, when will The Land Before Time have more sequels than we’ve had Super Bowls? I give them until 2014.

  18. I got a good chuckle out of this.

    I liked the original Land Before Time as a kid. I still do. It reminds me of an age where parents weren’t such assholes and didn’t freak out over their kids watching some characters get hurt/killed. Sadly, like his other films, some assholes figured out a way to make a fortune off of marketing this to little 3-year old bitches and their psychologically-impaired parents. Now we have sing-a-longs and “gags” that caused an increase in adolescent suicides. They ruin all of Bluth’s films this way.

    Can we please go back to the 80s, when cartoons were awesome and full of violence?

  19. I totally agree with Phippo, even with the latest Disney movies. The reason WHY this series has run so long, is because of the morals, love, and overall goodness that it employs. I also can’t wait for another one, particularly I would like to see it tie in with the TV series, closing up the loose ends that it brings with it. …Hah, I hear the argument, “kids are stupid and will watch anything;” kids may be naive and trusting, but certainly not stupid. And if you think I am, well, all I can say is, I’m not a kid, I’m not stupid, and I certainly as hell will NOT watch “anything!” I think that 70 to 80 percent, maybe more, of all TV nowadays, is pure crap. This is one of the last few gems in a sea of sinking garbage that people are basically forced to watch. And, if you’d like to continue to argue with me further, I’ll back up Phippo all the way, and argue with you all the way to the depths of hell!

  20. Oh, and BTW, VadeDarther, this type of stuff doesn’t cause an increase in teen suicides; it’s that stupid heavy metal crap, along with drugs, and processed food. Now old-school music, there’s some good gems. Miles Davis sure could play a tune… And Rock ‘n Roll back then, told interesting stories; nowadays, you have a bunch of morons screaming, sounding like they went on acid trips just as they were recording. It shouldn’t even be allowed. Death to heavy metal, death to horror movies, and death to evil.
    P.S. I don’t care what any of you guys say; we’ll never get anywhere with each other, so let’s just say we agree to disagree, and leave it at that. I’ll defend my position to my death, you just wait. Good post, Phippo.

  21. I agree absolutely with the article.

    When I was a kid, I loved the original movie.

    Maybe the first sequel.

    But after that, it turned to “moral” drivel. And they seem to have killed off Ducky, Petri, and some of the other characters too.

    I wonder when Littlefoot will pass on? Surely he should have aged a little bit by now..

  22. “It shouldn’t even be allowed. Death to heavy metal, death to horror movies, and death to evil.”

    Okay, Mr. Censorship. Tell me how your crusade goes. Defending your position to the death seems kind of difficult when your position is that anything you don’t like is “evil”.

    The Land Before Time Sequels are nothing more than corporate cash-ins. That you’re loyal enough to the company making these to be their cash cow is respectable in a way, I guess.

  23. Thanks for the funniest thing I’ve read in recent memory, it was great.

    Neptune & Phippo: Really? I’ll admit, I could eat a box of Triscuits and shit better movies than what Disney has nowadays, but the Land Before Time movies took a dive to that level around the first sequel.

    P.S. I really doubt processed food causes teen suicides; I ate a lot of it and I’m pretty I didn’t succumb to the deadly teen suicide plague. But then again, I do watch horror movies, so who knows?

  24. (On a more positive note: If you’re a fan of The Land Before Time series, keep your eyes peeled for The Land Before Time XIV, scheduled for release on DVD in 2008.)
    im one of fan of this series how about the cd copy of the land before time XIV?

  25. i used to watch 1 thru 3 while my rents worked. and i shit you not i watched the fourth one when i was like five and i refused to watch the series ever again. fucking cunts at disney

  26. Its about time someone spoke upon this madness. How did they make it this far? I mean all that traveling they’ve done you would think they would have arthritis and amputate their limbs. or even better throw themselves onto migrating heard of T-Rex’s. Is it me or is Cuba Gooding Jr. playing the role of a creature who is questioning there sexuality with mild case of down syndrome? Come on… parents stop letting your children watch disabled dinosaurs. It bad enough when discovery Channel and animal planet have shows about made up Dinosaurs that never existed on Earth or on any planet. Next title for the movie: Land Before Time: travels to waste of time Cove featuring Hunazie voiced by Vin Diesal

  27. Fantastic. I, too, have gone on numerous rants about the idiocy of the Land Before Time sequels. I loved the original movie as a child, and am now shamed that my own daughter has had to witness these atrocities. You are an inspired writer.

  28. This is the most retarded thing i’ve ever seen. all the sequesl were great, if you want to rant no one gives a shit so why are you even putting your 2 cents in dumb ass. If you don’t like the sequels, then go cry yourself to sleep because more than double the people who hate the sequels love the sequels. Fag.

  29. Mr Anonymous, making up facts doesn’t make you more correct. And it seems while you’re arguing about “sequesl”, the rest of us are talking about sequels.

  30. very funny, it almost makes the whole series worth it. it is as if this article is the glimmering shred of hope, like the leaf with water droplets in it from the original LBT.

  31. When I was little, The Land Before Time was one of my favorite movies, and now I’m just annoyed by it. Little Foot and his friends should be a adult Dinosaurs by now. Jeez, I’m just waiting for the X-Men to turn up and have it turn out that The Land Before Time is actually The Savage Land. Also, don’t forget that there is a cartoon TV series now.

  32. Thats amazing. honestly, i didnt know there whre that movies, i knew there where a lot but sheesh, go over board will ya? i love the comment about diggin up our pets nd lighting them on fire. isnt that what they did to poor Littlefoot, as the creation, us, childeren of the 90’s, grew up with?

  33. Wow, this was hilarious. I grew up with Land Before Time and didn’t know that they had desecrated it so! It’s sad. But I loved this article, great reading for work!

  34. One of the most hilarious things I have read. I stopped watching Land Before Time after the second one, but wow. Your review of the other movies was funny to read man, seriously. You should be their spokesperson. I can see it now: “Critics are ravings: “This movie blows!” Keep up the awesome reviews.

  35. Blink, why don’t you take a good long think about what the phrase “Spelling Mistakes” mean. The only laugh i got out of this is that the publisher wasted his time writing this pathetic “review” of the sequels. If you don’t have anything good to say about The Land Before Time, then don’t say anything at all. If the characters grew up then the land before time would lose tens of thousands of viewers, because that’s one of the main things that makes these sequels so great. It would be hilarious if someone made a review of your reviews making a bad example out of them. Now there’s something to laugh at!

  36. I’ll just put in my two cents here if anyone cares. I loved the first movie… maybe even the second and third but that’s when all movies need to stop. I think that’s all very clear to everyone that the sequels are simply made because it makes money and kids seem to enjoy them enough to make their parents buy the DVD for them. So let the babies have their bottles. That’s what most of them are anyway, just 3-7 (which I know technically aren’t babies but you know where I’m coming from). I think that your reviews are hilarious and I look forward to your next addition. I hope that people that do support the sequels, both for their pride and their children’s, don’t seriously take the rants of one used-to-be-fan like a slap in the face. I think that we all agree that the sequels unfortunately lack quite a bit of quality but it makes money for the employees, children enjoy it and enemies of the sequels get to enjoy making funny rants for all “anti-fans” to enjoy. I really don’t think that the end result is all that bad.

  37. you’ve got issues…. nobody ever said the movies where ment to entertain adults. Though its clear that you don’t have anything better to do. I’m sorry that the little animated dinos anger you so! I’d just like to know where I can meet the dumb shit living in his mothers basement you probably wrote this. Get a life man!

  38. I grew up on the Land Before Time videos and actually enjoyed them. I’ve only seen up to the the 6th one though and kinda wanna go to Blockbuster or something and rent the rest. haha. The First one was pretty scary in my opinion. It gave me nightmares for a while but soon got over it. My favorite would have to be the 3rd one. gahhh man I really want to rent all the sequels that I haven’t seen now. thanks a lot. The movies are kind of brainwashing though….As a young kiddo about 4 or 5, I told my mom that I was going to change my name to Petrie when I grew up. hahaaa. At least I didn’t think I was Petrie like my brother thought he was Tommy, the White Power Ranger. Great childhood memories.

  39. omg..this was hilarious!..i grew up on these movies..and loved them up until number 4..i had no idea they were STILL making me the only real LBT movies are the ones with the original soon as little foot got, as you said, a girlfriend and the plots became pretty much disowned the whole series:] your writing..thanks

  40. The thing I believe with Number 14 (which is confirmed as The Growing Sky Stone)…is that they finally kill off the dinosaurs! I know I know…that’s cruel…but…in the end, Disney movies DO kill off characters…it wouldn’t be surprising since naturally these characters all do have to die eventually (it is the Land Before Time after all). So it will probably rely upon an opening scene about seeing a giant object in the sky, days pass…songs are song, sad moments, the original Sharptooth comes back (I forget if it died or not…fell in a pond I believe…not sure if it was in the sequels) for one last epic showdown with a now grown up LittleFoot who apply is renamed…BigFoot…no relation to your mother. Then the meteor hits and everything’s all sad for the final final movie…then we have…THE SPIN-OFF SERIES, THE LAND AT THE BEGINNING OF TIME! With a bunch of mammals now…probably not like Ice Age just yet…but its sure to be made…

  41. Well I bought the first 11 of them on VHS. I’ve seen 10 of them so far. Now Chapter 14 is coming. Anyway I watch a movie like that once and wait for the next otherwise it gets a bit redundant. Anyway I’d watch it not as a fan but more like a What The Heck sort of thing. I’m just collecting them to build the set up because if eventually I sell them off they’d be worth a lot of money together with all 14 or so movies collected together AND because I have the first 11 on VHS that makes it more valuable and rare as it’s a full set so if not to watch regularly it’s a hobby. Because with each released chapter the value goes up given they’ve been active for 20 years now. It makes sense to launch #14 on the big 2-0.

  42. This article mademe laugh out loud, yoh. lololololololololololz. . But yeah, what the hell is up with the cover of part 3. Littlefoot is just drinking from a leaf…. what the hell?

  43. Dude! You are fucking balls on accurate. Fuck great shit you wrote. Deserve a fuck pulitzer for honesty. Me my have been saying this shit for 15 years.

  44. haha i completely agree. I just love how dumb each sequal gets. I love how they never seem to even grow an inch or how the voices now sound horrible. And I love how they randomly break out into those ear piercing songs that make you wanna go to the air conditioning system and drink anti-freeze. I don’t know why animators are creating these little movies where the characters sing those horrible songs. Just get on with the damn movie and stop fucking singing. Oh and I love how these little baby dinosaurs can some how make it through all these journeys and manage to some how not die in the process. We all know that if this were real they wouldn’t have lived passed the first movie. I want real violence not some little bastards winninng against “sharpteeth” by throwing fruit at them. The creators need to die.

  45. What I want to know, more than anything else, is this: Where do they get the money to continually concieve this crap? If America is smart (and it’s not), then the people will sign petitions to at least set Charles Grosvenor on some other animated project. Classic characters can only last so long. However, the classic LBT characters were only classic during the first movie. Now They habe been stereotyped into typically blande children’s show characters and the whole LBT name has been reduced to a Wee Sing franchise. Just like the intentionally sucking black plague that PBS and Nick Jr dumps, the LBT series shows us that the entertainment industry is only interested in money and making kids more stupid.

  46. There appear to be around 7 or 8 people on this blog who either want more sequels made or don’t want people squacking about them. There are at least 20 (not including me) people who want to put an end to it or have more made so that we have something to rant about.

  47. Very funny.I have to agree here, its beyond stupid.I mean,cant people who protect them understand they aremade solely to get money of of them? I mwan
    ,yeah,its not like it has any plot any more.

    And to the person who says :”No one gves shit about what you think”

    well,who are the twenty or so pople fully agreeing.And remember,”fags” is not an answer and will result in you being chemicaly castrated.

  48. Well, why don’t you take your happy pill? You seriously need to stop bshing these movies. I have adored them for many years and you don’t need to go cussing and making everyone think these are bad movies…Your just a jerk of a person who needs to row a brain, move out of your parents’s home and live on your own for a change…And stop thinking that you are so smart, because your not.

  49. Haha! Adored them for many years, Chelsey? I feel like coming up with some sort of rebuttal that makes you look stupid, but you’ve gone and done all the work for me. That was pretty nice of you. Seriously though, ‘making everyone think these are bad movies’? Either he’s got a mastery over the undiscovered art of telepathy, or I’m going to rape your anus with a broken bottle. Guess which one’s more likely? Oh, and I’d pay good money to watch someone row a brain. I imagine efficiency as a sea-going vessel isn’t something normally attributed to brains, but I’ll forgive you because clearly you don’t use them often. Signed, Mr. Karjala’s most rabid fan.

  50. Comment threads don’t exactly breed sensibility. Posters come in various different archetypes, each one with its own delicious twist of flavour:

    – The upset one that goes around finding things to be offended by, not realizing that if you have a thin skin you shouldn’t be on the internet, much less on a site that specializes in rants. Rants don’t tend to be structured like “I personally don’t like this but it’s just my opinion and I see where you’re coming from if you do.”

    – The rabid one that will do anything for a laugh and usually isn’t very funny at all. Why are you looking at me like that?

    – The congratulatory poster, that gives nothing but praise, hidden carefully in tirades of more praise… but doesn’t actually have a point.

    – The fanboy (or fangirl, these are politically correct times after all), who wants nothing more than the site host’s babies and often resorts to extremely strange (and creepy) methods to convey this message. Thank the Nine Hells that this isn’t an image board.

    – And finally the serious one that makes extremely relevant, but inanely boring comments that most people skip or pay no real attention to. If all posters were flavoured drinks, this one would be water. But we all need water every now and then, right?

  51. I’d say all five of those archetypes have posted here. The only thing better than reading a good article is reading the commentary on it by various people.

  52. Hmmm… I know anybody who stalks this thread (like me) will likely get agitated at my three comments in a row, but I just noticed the last sentence of the article: “If you’re a fan of the land before time series, KEEP AN EYE PEELED FOR THE LBT XIV” That doesn’t sound like an attack on fans of the series, unless it’s meant to be sarcastic…

  53. GESH!!! The Land before Time was created for TODDLERS “not” ADULTS now if you really wanted to show your vast wisdom and expertise you could have been keeping a running commentary on the American Investment Bankers that would have really kept you busy. One reason why the American economy is in a mess because people like you keep so many mired in superficial muck. ps. you could take a few lessons from the characters in the series.

  54. Oh, yes. The reason the American economy is messed up is because people like Mr. Karjala blog about the Land Before Time series in a derogatory fashion. Do I get points for correctly guessing that you’re not involved in economics in any way? Also, talking about the economy does not serve to make your argument appear more intelligent, you know. It was just rediculously out of context. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and assume you’ve just finished watching Zeitgiest and wanted to appear like an individual who’s educated on the subject. A pretty desperate attempt to make complete strangers assume you’re an intellectual, really. Just so you know… you’ve totally failed. I’m pretty sure you cry yourself to sleep at night.

  55. This article made me laugh so hard, I thought my ribs would splinter if I didn’t stop. I must send it to all my friends.

  56. I would enjoy 2 see LBT 14. In my opinion, they should bring back some old charecters such as Ali,Pterano,Rinkus,Sierra,Ozzy,and Strut. That would be an awesome moive.

  57. Hilarious. Made my day a little brighter.
    Also, I think it’s pretty interesting that there was such a huge gap between the original and the first sequel – six years. What the fuck were those people doing? Were they trying to think of better ideas and came back to some fucked up dinosaurs, or did they spend all that time producing the first sequel?

    Honestly, I was surprised that there are only 13 movies. I thought it was up to at least twenty.

  58. If you hate The Land Before Time series soo much why would you waste soo much time on critisizing it? That makes noo sense. Not to mention all your jokes are lame ahaha grow up

  59. I think people complain in this thread because they want to see Eric’s fans rise up in a spitting, hateful defense. This time I can’t be bothered (although I’ve heeded the call a few times). Herm does most of the damage to himself in this case anyway. I love how he doesn’t see the irony in his post. You do realize you’ve put time and effort into telling him that he’s lame… for putting time and effort into telling people that something is lame? It’s the circle of life, Herm. The circle of life. I say we take the warning labels off of everything and let stupidity cure itself.

  60. you could tell in most of his descriptions on what was wrong with the movie he could think of nothing to say so he made something up about the cover or something, like commmmee onnn

  61. Lol, squid, he came back to see the silly retort that EKarj’s “weird” fans wrote… what a loser! He’s becoming a fan himself. Also, I’m pretty sure Eric didn’t want to actually watch some of the movies since he had some dignity left in him, hence why some of them simply insult the “interesting” covers. Also, ‘your’ should be ‘you’re’, as in ‘you are all amazing people who kick ass’ rather than ‘your fucking of my mom was totally awesome last night’

  62. You mean to tell me you got further than the covers, Herm? It explains a lot about you. From now on when I see your posts, I’ll pat your back for trying. But you probably won’t read this, right? Cos, you know, you wouldn’t want to be caught talking to freaks and losers. People who like the Land Before Time series, though… they’re about as cool as it gets. I envy your obvious social status.

  63. lmao you’RE insults dont affend me
    i wont be caught talking to freaks and losers, that is why my name is Herm, i do not know of a herm anywhere. You people are the kind of losers that sit at home on your computers constantly cuz you have no lives, i understand why you would envy my social status i would hate to have any of yours
    peaceeee yoo

  64. OMH this had me laughing to tears. It’s a shame too considering the original was my favorite childhood movie. I remember a while back Don Bluth made it very clear that he had nothing to do with any of these abominations universal crapped out to make a quick buck.

  65. WOW, i loved the original, i cant believe they fucked it up so badly… i mean not only did they dig it up, they decided to skull fuck it another 12 times, just for good measure!

    Someone should go back in time and kill the animators, so they cant make such a travisty to human kind.

  66. hehe that made me chuckle, loved the first one when i was a wean, have never even bothered to watch any of the sequels as I suspected they’d be as shhhhiiiitttttee as you have described. seems i was right!! aye its the stupid pictures on the front covers that give me the rage an all, make me wanna kick a badger or something.

    class article, keep it up, go and rip the tits of some other lame films so we can get a laff 🙂

  67. eh, that herm guy posted his comment bout folks here not having lives and being losers etc at 4.21 am on a sunday night….um, reading bout kids films at stupid oclock in the morning at the weekend..? not got work to get up for? not clubbing no? not really having sex either were you mate…? nope. just alone. doing nothing. you rock. you out-cool us all. :0

  68. I love the Land Before Time, I grew up with them for years and It is one of my favorite movies,today i was shocked they have 13… or coming soon 14 movies, wow i need to get caught up because i got lost at number 7

  69. Yeah the sequels are imcomparably different from the original – in visual style, in atmostphere and everyting. They’re made by entirely different writers and crew.

    I guess the basic setting was just a too good idea to let it go. It’s a chance of creating a world totally separate from ours, that also has its dangers but they’re all masterable and in the end everyone get’s to live together happily. That’s not even too far away from the idea of the first movie.

    They had to reduce the drama, since the frist movie had big trouble being released for +6 children. And honestly who would have watched the sequels if they were like the first.
    It’s not too bad, just different.

  70. However until I recently zapped into it, I had never watched the TV series.

    I hope they rather go back to the movies. That sure was some shallow, cheaply produced stuff I saw there.

  71. Well I couldn’t bring myself to laugh at the article but that’s mainly because of the memories the series brings to me. My grandma used to buy these for me when I just a wee lad and I loved them. She died back in 99 though and I’ve been buying the movies as a memory ever since. I still like them although they are not the best anymore. Of course I’m not a toddler either. But I still enjoyed all of them. And I don’t mind you all who don’t like them but to those saying that movies should be stopped. Why? Are you planning on watching them? I think not so just don’t watch the movies and I’ll continue buying the movies and preserving my memories until the series ends.

  72. I agree Mikei. The movies are still cute. I still buy them because now I have children and they love watching dinosaurs. You can’t please everybody. If you don’t like it. Don’t watch it.

  73. I know I’m wasting my time commenting of this, but I can’t help it. I love the series; I always have. I was introduced to it probably about eleven years ago. I’m now fifteen. For someone who believes that these movies are abominations and that they are a ‘fantastic voyage into atheism,’ you like to use a multitude of curse words and think killing kid dinosaurs from a child series would help out a great deal.

    What I can’t understand, though, is the fact that you are actually attacking a series for kids. If you don’t like the series, ignore it! Seriously? You’re ridiculous.

    And one last thing, I haven’t seen the thirteenth yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome. Yet you seem to think it’s awful and that autism is idiocy. Individuals with autism do not deserve to be bashed on like so.

  74. Rant Blog, n.
    An online series of journal-like entries where the author is free to express any opinion they damn well want to, and is generally not designed to be taken seriously, especially not the killing of fictitious dinosaur characters. Also a place where bleeding hearts lack the capacity to lighten up and laugh, and feel the need to condemn the author for their own lack of a sense of humour.

    Bleeding Heart, n.

  75. LMFAO!!!! This post made me laugh so hard! But land before time ROCKS ! i watched when i was a kid 10 years ago and i watch it now too :P.

  76. I’ve loved the Land Before Time series since I was 4 and I’m in my teens now! I constantly was enjoying each installment until they came out with 13.. Wisdom of Friends. It reminded me too much of Barney and stuff like “Come on kids! Let’s sing along!” The first 12 were so cute and reminded me of childhood.. I hope 14 is better. It’s coming out this year, right?

  77. LMAO! This article is right on the money.

    Maybe you could do another article on Power Rangers. They keep pulling a new series out of their asses every year.

  78. Well, it was amusing but I have seen all 13 of them. I love them, as Sarah said, 13 was a bit on the crap side but still mildly enjoyable. I am looking forward to 14, although, I do agree partially that most of them are an insult to the first, but in my opinion the best have been, the original, the second, the fourth the fifth the sixth and the tenth, the rest have only been okay.

  79. OH MY GOODNESS…I had no idea….I am OUTRAGED!!! What have they done…little foots mother would roll over in her grave.

  80. Well,I just happpen to love the sequels many times better than the original! I hope the series never ends! Dinosaurs are cool! And they really existed,Moses,the black one! This article is 100 percent shit!

  81. Mad Magazine, in one of their “Banned Children s Movies articles had : “The Land Before Time and the Great Flaming Meteor! – with three and a half new songs!

  82. I’d take this article a bit more seriously if it wasn’t as immature and childish as these movies are. You probably wrote this for your own lulz, not because you actually wanted to give an honest opinion or share some good insight with the world.

    To be honest, I don’t get why people complain a company is, *gasp!*, doing its best to make money. Newsflash: that’s what companies do. LEGO makes new sets each year, franchises get sequels each year, anime get filler episodes like there’s no tomorrow and so on. That’s the way the world works. Some like it, some don’t. Those who don’t can either defend themselves in a mature way, and then there are those, like the one who wrote this, who can’t and needs to resort to using “shit” and “hope they kill them!” and bad humour to get their point across. Bravo!

    PS: I wrote this for the lulz. Internet, is, after all, serious business.

  83. What the fuck man. Dx
    I loved the original, and maybe a few of the sequels, but after the third one it grows to be bullshit.
    Way to fuck up my childhood, LBT. I’m so glad I haven’t watched the recent ones. I saw the cover to the 12th one and I screamed “WHAT THE FUCK!” at my screen. >__> Makes me look crazy, but it’s true. Whutthefuck is this shit? Stop ruining the movie, people. The original was awesome.

  84. PsychoticSquid, there’s also the ones who look down their nose at everyone by attempting to categorize them and “analyze” everything. They think that they’re better then everyone because they can step back from any situation and see it “how it really is”. They’re the worst kind.

  85. The Land Before Time is NOT for babies and children! When people say that, they offend adults like me who have grown up with The Land Before Time and enjoy it. I am a GIGANTIC fan of the original movie, all of the sequels, and the tv series ( yep, they even have a TV series with, like, 15-20 episodes so far. And that’s just the season one of the telivision series!). I do have to give you some positive comments on how funny your article was, especially when Ducky was pointing on the cover of The Great Longneck Migration. However, you should still be disappointed in yourself, for ridiculing a wonderful series, and me, a man planning to be a palaeontologist someday, and a big fan of The Land Before Time.

  86. [Sorry for any grammar mistakes, but English is not my mother tongue!]

    Normally I’m a horror and splatter movie fan and I don’t watch cartoons or something else. But “The Land Before Time” is a exception, because I watched it in my childhood, so I decided a few weeks ago to watch ALL the 13 movies of “The Land Before Time” AND the cartoon series with 26 episodes.

    Your article is very funny, I lol’d hard (even with the language barrier, my first language is German), but I must say that I have another opinion. The first film is still great, but the sequels are good, too. They aren’t as good as the first film, but they’re okay for me. They are colorful and funny. Same thing for the cartoon series (but I must admit that the quality of the drawings are lower than in the previous 13 movies). It’s really cool to see the little dinosaurs and how they grow up with new adventures. Yeah, maybe the producers of the sequels just want to make money, but the movies are still good and I hope that they are going to make “The Land Before Time XIV” and/or the second season of the cartoon series!

    That’s my opinion. (That was hard to type in English!)

  87. seriously you wasted time writing all that? The only reason i am evening responding to this is the amount of fuck yous and mother fucks in that? Honestly if your mother was so hard up she couldnt fuckin by you anything but land before time movies thats her fault. Maybe if you saw the damn movie and how it affected a child and what the child got from it rather than taking drugs and trying to write something “logical” you would understand why the sequels made so much money. I have read by far many more write ups that actually did have me laughing. But your opinion and cander in your so called “professional”writing leaves me wondering how much better my 3 year old can evaluate a movie. You call yourself a writer

  88. I agree with a few of these, but why’d you diss #4?! That one’s my favorite! It was the one that came out on the year that I was born!!! I love that one…

  89. That was the most hilarious shit I’ve ever read. I love how you take a random observation and make it into something funny. Dude, you have got to email me.

  90. If you all hate it so much why have you wasted your time searching for things on Land before time.You have to have watched them all to find out how bad they are so either you actually like watching them and just not want to admit or your as bad as the people who make it and deserve to be killed along with the rest of them.

  91. Everyone who said they found this by searching for The Land Before Time admitted that they were fans. The rest of us are fans of Eric Karjala, and found this article, funnily enough, by browsing the ‘article’ section. Would you like me to simplify this further so you can understand it completely?

    PS. He doesn’t mention watching them, and all the information about the movies that he uses could have easily been lifted from the covers. However, Eric admits that the original movie was one of his most beloved childhood films, so chances are that if he did watch one or more of the sequels, it’s more than likely because he was hoping to relive some of the charm of the original movie. After bathing in the fermented juices of commercial whoring that seep from the seams of these blatant attempts to cash in on a popular name, he decided to write the article.

    It would also be logical to say that after discovering the first few sequels and being embittered by them, he decided to find out how many there were exactly for the sake of the article, because it would add weight to his observation of there being way too many.

    If you don’t think the number of sequels is incredibly ridiculous, then chances are it’s because you’re one of the smiling-cartoon-consuming retarded kids that these films are aimed at. If not, then you have the same mindset trapped inside the body of an adult, which could explain why you couldn’t even think of a fucking name to include with your post.

  92. That is a very detailed argument. No I would not like you to simplify mainly because your P.S. is longer than your actual comment. Do you even know what P.S. means? OH and if your going to comment on names you should at lest have one that doesn’t sound like you came up with it at the age of 9 and thought it was funny and still do. If it does bother you so much I’ll let you come up with a name for me.

  93. Yeah, I tend to do that a lot with PS, so good call. It still doesn’t detract from my argument, though. My name, however, is a private joke amongst my family, and I like to use it because of its obscurity.

    As for coming up with a name for you, I hate to disappoint but I’m not taking the bait. That’s kids stuff. Like, erm… a lot of my insults. Still, I couldn’t be a fan without loyally springing to his defense. I need to show the love!

  94. So disappointing I dont have a name now. You have your opinion and I have mine so leave it at that unless you wish to continue arguing about something that really doesnt matter.

  95. It wasn’t really your opinion about the movies that got me going, it was the fact that you insinuated that he was either a closet fan or he was as bad as the people that made them. But really, if he doesn’t care, why should I? I guess the internet is the perfect place for pointless arguments, and I am the type that likes to feed the fire. Since you’re no longer interested in arguing, I’d have to be even more of a douche than I already am to drag this out further. I guess I’ll wait for the next random comment that sets me off like the good little attack dog that I am.

  96. If you wish to continue.I never said it was the opinion of the movies my opinion was on my first comment about people. At no point have i mentioned what i think of the movies. You have no idea many fire jokes I get one of them being that i feed fires. Woof. Good dog.

  97. Something dogs do after being told they’re good. I dunno, I think I’ve squeezed all the ‘humour’ out of this conversation that I possibly can… and then some.

  98. Apart from this very sentence, you probably should have noticed by now that I stopped arguing with you several posts ago. Way to shit on your own intellect.

  99. You know not everyone shares your hatered for the land before time. this show actually taught me quite a bit. So just keep your motherfuckin smart ass comments to yourself Asshole

  100. @Lynk Jonson

    You know, not everyone shares your love for The Land Before Time. This show actually taught me absolutely nothing. So just keep your silly trollish comments to yourself, please.


  101. I think the land before time is awesome ever since I was a kid it was the only cartoon I liked.all other cartoons were quite boring for me .I’m a collecter and I think the land before time will make a great addition to you collections ad they are fun and bring put happiness in people I really wish they made part 14 seriously if you’re going to start making movies at least end the series with all the fans being happy

  102. I think there should be a season two of the land before times series with the yellow bellys Loofah and Doofah in some of the series.

  103. i really like the series im 14 and i have all the movies, ive watched all the land before times. and if they come out with a new one i will probably buy that one as well. theyre part of my childhood adn i can’t bring myself just to stop watching them just cause i passed 8 years old

  104. Im a mother and she loves every single one, and with 19 i can wait 1 a day for almost a month and not have to watch the same movie everyday!!!!

  105. Im a mother and my kidsloves every single one, and with 19 i can wait 1 a day for almost a month and not have to watch the same movie everyday!!!!

  106. more movies
    14-magical discoveries
    15-through the eyes of a spiketail
    16-adventuring in the mysterious beyond
    17-the wisdom of friends
    18-amazing adventures
    19-great day of the flyers
    I have a 3 and a half year old and she loves all the movie. she doesnt look at the cover and see the use the same pictures. the movies are for grow up

  107. I admit this made me laugh, a little.
    Have you even seen these movies? It seems like you’re just making crap up as you go.
    You’re entitled to your own opinion and if you dont like the movies, its cool, but seriously? Maybe they ruined YOUR childhood for some odd fear of dinosaurs or something but not other kids. They’re going to keep making sequels as long as kids keep watching. If you’re going to write a review, you should at least know what you’re talking about.

  108. I lost my faith in humanity years ago, but some of these recent comments just burned all evidence of its previous existence. My heart literally twitches with pity at the level of sensitivity some people have… especially when they then have the nerve to tell ERIC to grow up. Bravo guys. Irony, intellect, humour… it’s all lost on you. For all your sakes, I hope ignorance truly is bliss.

  109. Speaking of irony, mentioning my previous faith in humanity is in fact evidence of its existence, which contradicts my statement about all of it being destroyed. Ah, sweet paradox.

  110. Little foot isnt going to kill the little sharptooth named chomper. The movie ended the way it should have chomper where he belonged. It would Its a film for kids, pop out a few of your own and maybe youd understand, grow up and stop whining over kid movies. What next time r u gonna write about how ridiculous and bothersome a pineapple under the sea housing a frycook is?!



  113. The answer: Many
    Enjoy them for what they are: pure cheap, crap GOLD!!!
    The LBT series are as beautiful and entertaining as they are stupid.

  114. Just for accuracy’s sake (although, somewhat oxymoronic in this case), re: The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock = Not a Brachiosaurus (Brachiosuarid), having longer forelimbs than hindlimbs, but an Apatosaurus (formerly Brontosaurus).

  115. I think the sequals are crap, but i want to know what happens to them. is that sad? i think they need one last one that reunites old friends (Ali, Chopper) and maybe tells the story behind Spike’s parents, and then they end it with an epilogue of them grown up with lives of thier own. I just want it to end!

  116. YOU WANT TO RUINED MY CHILDHOOD…you do not but every movie there’s a value in it…if you have a brain??? (i don;t think so, huh?)so just YOU JUST FUCKING UGLY!!! bitter, maybe your childhood is not beautiful…

  117. I wish that there’s a Land Before Time XIV movie because all of the other Land Before Time movies are preety good.
    I just hope that The Land Before Time XIV will be just as good,too.

  118. I wish that there’s a Land Before Time XIV movie because all of the other Land Before Time movies are pretty good.
    I just hope that The Land Before Time XIV will be just as good,too.

  119. i love the lan before time so is
    the best movie i have ever saw.and all i
    want is for you to keep makeing the
    land before time and to start showing it
    on tv.

  120. Holy shit! for as long as i can remember i thoght the land before time had at least 3 films shown at the theatures while the rest went straight to DVD. You mean to tell me all 12 sequels went straight to DVD? good gawd these sequels are so bad they make the sequels to The Brave Little Toaster (my all time favorite animated movie) look abouat as dark as Silence of the Lambs.

  121. Don’t you have anything better to do than make a website dissing the best classical series in history? Childish. You can tell that you haven’t watched all the movies. So don’t make fun os something great. Get a life.

  122. Well, the movies are for kids, do you expect them to have a super deep compelling story? Or to have some form of violence? Maybe back in the 70s and 80s when parents didn’t get so butthurt about the tiniest little thing. Unfortunately, they find it easier to just blame the media for everything instead of taking responsibility.

    As for the review itself, I can’t find this funny. The series itself has a deeper meaning to me beyond just the movies themselves. My grandmother used to buy these for me every Christmas when I was growing up. After she died, I continued to buy the DVDs, partially as a symbol of her memory. But also because I still liked them. Even as a 21 year old, I still like them.

    It doesn’t have the deepest stories or the most interesting plots. But, it does have the adventure that gives me the feel of being a child again. If it wasn’t for my grandma, I probably would have only watched a couple of them. But, she has made the movies more special to me.

    So, I can’t really laugh at this. I love the movies. Had it not been for my grandma though, I probably would have found it a little more humorous.

  123. There’s a new one out. Land before time magical discoveries …. just thought you might want to know ^_^

  124. Dinosaurs. Are omnivores … you and me. This article just provided. A shit ton of entertainment. Thanks.

  125. this is one funny ass article about these horrendous fucking abominations, the new ones should be added to this list of crap that apparently some people consider entertainment.

  126. I suggest they should release a new sequel film called ‘The Land before Time XIV: The Quest to Sparkling Forest’. It should be released to DVD and Blu-Ray in August 19, 2011. It should star Tara Charendoff as Littlefoot (Billy Batson’s voice from ‘Batman: the Brave and the Bold’), Anndi McAfee as Cera (voice),
    Aria Curzon as Ducky (voice, Rob Paulsen as Spike and the Spiketail Leader (voices), Jeff Bennett as Petrie, Mutt and Doc (voices), Sandy Fox and Nancy Cartwright as Dinah & Dana (voices), Nancy Cartwright also as Chomper (Chuckie’s voice from ‘All Grown Up’), Meghan Strange as Ruby (voice) and Tricia (baby girl sound effect voices), Danny Cooksey as Kaleb (Milo’s voice from ‘Pepper Ann’), Dakota Fanning as Gladys (her own voice), Alyson Stoner as Tiffany (Isabella’s voice from ‘Phineas and Ferb’), Miriam Flynn as Grandma Longneck (voice), Michael Gambon as Grandpa Longneck (new and improved replacement voice), Frank Welker as Crusher (spooky sharptooth sound effect voices), Juliana Hansen as Ali (voice), John Ingle as Topsy (voice), Camryn Manheim as Tria (voice), Cree Summer Francks as Tippy (voice), Susan Krebs as Tippy’s Mother (voice), Jessica Walter as the Old 1 (voice)and Robert Guillaume as Mr. Thicknose(voice). The DVD and Blu-Ray should have a lot of special features including Behind the Scenes Documentary, Littlefoot’s Playhouse, Studio Commentaries with Don Bluth and Charles Grosvenor, Characters commentary with Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Chomper, Ruby, Kaleb, Gladys, Tiffany, Dinah and Dana, Deleted Scenes, Digital Bloopers, Outtakes and Bloopers Reel, Meet the voice portrayers, ‘The Land before Time XIV: The Quest to Sparkling Forest’ McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Commercial (2011), Sing Along Karaoke Disco Songs and Video Game Trailer: ‘The Land before Time the Search for the Lost Rainbow Gems’, which should be released for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, PS3, XBox 360 and PC CD Rom. They should also release ‘The Land before Time XV: The Great Big Snow Drift’ in June 23, 2012.

  127. Who cares cosmic? lets just agree to disagree. I love these movies, so just let people who love to watch them watch them!!!! You’d be an idiot to go poke someone and tell them that its stupid to watch it! Its not a big deal! Its decent for once! Now you see stupid violence and porn on t.v and in almost every movie, there’s kissing! what do little kids think of that!Why dont’t you haters e-mail this article to Don Bluth, huh? im pretty sure he would tell you why its decent!- By the way I’m 12!!!

  128. 🙁 so this post made me quite upset. i actually love the land before time. i have the 8 on VHS and the rest on DVD. i later upgraded the 8 to DVDs because my video tapes were getting ruined (with the help of me watching them all the time. lol) little foot is my favorite. ive had the stuffed animal of him since i was 3 yrs old. and now love stereotype “long necks” over any other type of dinosaur. i agree that its a little unusual that a series would continue on for years. but when you have such a strong fan list backing you up, and Stephen Spielberg producing these films, you cant really go wrong. i hope they’d continue to make LBT movies. like i said, i own all 13 and sometimes have huge land before time parties (where i watch all 13. lol) not getting a new DVD every few years, will make me disappointed. because they’ve become such a big part of my life. by the way, im 18 now. and yes, i love the baby dinosaurs. 🙂

  129. I have equated it all. The first one just sits there the second and third gun it down the fourth tries to help but is killed too. 5 6 and 8 all t-bagged and raped the corpse. 7 said fuck u all I’m going to arbys. 9 10 11 12 and 13 all hang and burn the body atop a tree near Don bluth,s grave. maybe 14 (if it ever exists) could at least bury the body.


  131. I totally agree with you Austin!!
    Those people are just jerks.
    I’m 18 and I still watch and love those movies!! Like you said, all 13 are classics and if they don’t see it, then they’re just immature for making fun. Just ignore them, and still love the movies. Don’t let them ruin them for you. 🙂

  132. Lol. How does this page keep getting responses? I think this is the oldest active blog post I’ve ever seen. Impressive blogging, mr. owl .

    “Like you said, all 13 are classics and if they don’t see it, then they’re just immature for making fun.”

    I mean, the first and second (I think? I don’t recall it as clearly) were okay, but I can’t believe they whored the series out to 13 movies. (I didn’t know there were more after the first two) I can’t believe 18-year-olds are calling people immature for not liking a children’s series. Moving on? Who needs that? : P

  133. Oh my God, this is the funniest thing I’ve ever read! “Look at Duckie pointing the way forward. Shut up, you little shit. They know where they’re going.” ROTFFLMFAO I loved every comment you made. I stopped watching after The Big Freeze, but I kept up with them just to see how far they would go. I stopped after 10, and Im so glad 14 was never made. But seriously, Im gonna re-read this now and laugh myself to sleep. Thank you.

  134. I meant to say I stopped keeping track after 10. I realize my post sounds contradicting when I say I stopped after 8 then stopped after 10. Lol just wanted to clear that up.

  135. Well as for me (im 16 now) i watched all up to XI the original was Good, as was II. III, IV, V, VI, i did not care about i loved VII. VIII ok IX hated even as a kid X i thought was a good way to end it all. I paid no attention afterwords as i had better things to be doing. Then in 6th grade XI shows up (a time where i already had enough problems)and this thing comes to rape my childhood now im revisiting them and realizing “dear god how did i stand the songs” XII and XIII i never saw and dont plan on it. L.B.T. XVI “the price of a lack of vision”

  136. I was a child when the first one came out and it was one of my favorite movie. Haven’t said that…I still can’t stop laughing. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. STOP POINTING YOU LITTLE SHIT THEY KNOW WHERE THEYRE GOING!!! LMAO!!!!

  137. i am a great fan of the land before time movies i want the 14th to come out as soon as possible because i want the movies to continue on their adventures love, Ashley Nicole Davidson

  138. i understand where he’s coming from, and yes i do admit that was fucking hilarious, but the land before time movies are amazing and the original taught me many things as a child and i cherish those things. I have to admit the wisdom of friends movie was kinda shit but still there’s other great ones. If i ever have a child i’ll definitely show them all the movies, they taught me great things as a child after all. And i think the series would be incomplete if the sequels weren’t made. the first one always left me hanging, I was so excited when the second came.

  139. The land before time is dead. Seriously. There hasn’t been a movie since 2007. I’m surprised so many people actually liked those crazy bootlegged sequels.
    Nostalgia is mighty adorable. It’s all over though. Maybe for a much fairer retrospect I’d look up marzgurl who reviewed the whole series. Not just the movies but the games and television series too.

  140. I wonder. What would Don Bluth say about making a final Land Before Time film if he were given the chance to have a say in the story plot?

  141. As Don Bluth said,”A movie can be poorly animated but if it has a good storyline, it will carry. But Even the most superb animation cannot overcome a bad story and plot.” Some of the Land Before Time films have interesting stories but not the best animation. But I’d say the two newest movies lack both good animation and a good story. The animation in the TV series had improved slightly but the stories and the plots are slightly lacking. However the one thing that turned me slightly off the new films and series is the choice of the music and the musical numbers. I think that if the composers and the directors could come up with better sounding music and songs that sounded inspirational, I think the films would be a lot more agreeable to us all.

  142. I personally love The Land Before Time so I would say I am a fan. But reading this made my DAY and made me LAUGH thanks you so much for this is was AWESOME, and the tone was superb!

  143. I want them to release a new sequel film called The Land before Time XIV: The Quest to Sparkling Forest. It should be released to DVD and Blu-Ray in August 19, 2013. It should star Tara Charendoff as Littlefoot (Billy Batsons voice from Batman: the Brave and the Bold), Anndi McAfee as Cera (voice),
    Emily Hahn as Ducky (voice), Rob Paulsen as Spike and the Spiketail Leader (voices), Jeff Bennett as Petrie, Mutt and Doc (voices), Sandy Fox and Nancy Cartwright as Dinah & Dana (voices), Nancy Cartwright also as Chomper (Chuckies voice from All Grown Up), Meghan Strange as Ruby (voice) and Tricia (baby girl sound effect voices), Danny Cooksey as Kaleb (Milos voice from Pepper Ann), Dakota Fanning as Gladys (her own voice), Alyson Stoner as Tiffany (Isabellas voice from Phineas and Ferb), Miriam Flynn as Grandma Longneck (voice), Jim Cummings as Grandpa Longneck (new and improved replacement voice), Frank Welker as Crusher (spooky sharptooth sound effect voices), Juliana Hansen as Ali (voice), Ed Asner as Topsy (new and improved replacement voice), Camryn Manheim as Tria (voice), Cree Summer Francks as Tippy (voice), Susan Krebs as Tippys Mother (voice), Jessica Walter as the Old 1 (voice)and Robert Guillaume as Mr. Thicknose(voice). The DVD and Blu-Ray should have a lot of special features including Behind the Scenes Documentary, Littlefoot’s Playhouse, Studio Commentaries with Don Bluth and Charles Grosvenor, Characters commentary with Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Chomper, Ruby, Kaleb, Gladys, Tiffany, Dinah and Dana, Deleted Scenes, Digital Bloopers,Outtakes and Bloopers Reel, Meet the voice portrayers, ‘The Land before Time XIV: The Quest to Sparkling Forest’ McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Commercial (2011), Sing Along Karaoke Disco Songs and Video Game Trailer: The Land before Time the Search for the Lost Rainbow Gems, which should be released for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, PS3, XBox 360 and PC CD Rom. They should also release The Land before Time XV: The Great Big Snow Drift in June 23, 2014.

  144. personally, i liked the sequels (minus the dumb-ass happy-go-lucky songs) and the only reason i do is because i saw the first one when i was really little and when it ended i was upset because i wanted to see more. that’s why i watched them but i’ve only seen 2-6. later, just out of curiosity i googled to see if there were more but didn’t want to watch them (i felt as though i was too old to) but i’ve read summaries. anyways, what i’m saying is yes i liked the series but the first is my all-time favourite and to whomever wrote the review: your f**king funny man but the movie is for little kids and most little kids find dinosaurs fascinating but the truth about how dinosaurs lived isn’t kid-friendly.

  145. rather sounds like you only watched the first one….they all were great (minus the way to childish songs). i have seen 1 – 13, amazing. defently some thing kids should be encouraged to watch. also no one is to old for The Land Before Time!

  146. i grew up with land before time as a kid , and i loved the flims until it got to the the sixth one. after number six it kinda ruined it for me. 😛

  147. Has this guy even seen the films that he’s reviewing or did he just look at the covers?? They are all good films. I’ll admit none of them are as good as the first one and the songs get annoying, but I do think if someone’s going to review films, they should actually watch them,not just read the name and look at the cover.

  148. I personally believe that the best sequels to the original film were numbers 2,4,5,6, and 10. All the other ones seemed to deal in worthless frivolity. While the mentioned above deal in character conflicts and serious problems. For instance, number 4 showed Grandpa Longneck sick and dying and Littlefoot and the gang had to go find a cure. This film not only featured a profound love for his grandparents but also showed a potential future for Littlefoot with the introduction of Ali. In my opinion, these films, depite the lacking animation, had real potential to be great sequels. But unfortunatly, the conflict in these films aren’t enough and therefore they will not be taken seriously enough to be successful. I live in fondest hopes that if another sequel is made, the director, writer, and storytellers will take the opportunity to not just make another film, but to make a great, lasting impression that will be cherished for many years to come. Who knows? Maybe Don Bluth himself will be to reclaim what is rightfully his after so many years of disappointment and at last be a peace.

  149. When I was a kid I saw The Land Before Time and though, damn, that was a HELL of a lot better than some of the crap Disney was shitting out (paraphrased, fuck you).

    So I was excited when I went to a friend’s place who had the sequel. He lent it to me and didn’t bother to warn me.

    Th…the dinosaurs. They started singing. They started singing STUPID SHIT. What the hell? What abomination was this? Ten years later I would be rickrolled for the first time, and I immediately thought back to this shit movie… thinking, “They used the wrong song.”

    There’s still hope for this series. The company could cash in on the popularity of Jurrasic Park’s Velociraptors. “Little Foot meets a Clever Girl.”

    It might just make the charts.

  150. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That was all true, everything you said is all true, man I loved the first one I don’t know what possesed me to watch two of the sequels. But damn did they suck! Someone call in Black Water to wipe these bastards off the face of the Earth!You sir speak the truth!

  151. You made a site for childrens movies at what age? You ignore the sarcasm as equally as we do. We find you entertaining, but at least you’re an atheist. Wow you’re a rock! What do you expect a child to watch? The should have a childhood and not a lack of emotion like you faggot. Get over yourself. Yeah I get to trash you and you have to read it haha! Bitch!

  152. Wait, what? I kind of feel like you just strung together a whole bunch of clauses and jumbled them together just to see what would come out.

    Actually, I wonder if you wrote something in a foreign language and just dumped out the results of google translate…

  153. The series could use at least 3 dilophosaurus 5 ouranosaurus a carnotaurus, 4 ceratosaurus, 12 nigersaurus, six new dinosaur characters like a styracosasurus named rac or nigersaurus named nigel
    I bet if you brought a few dinosaurs recently discovered like irriatator maybe create new episodes for the tv show like the which stars ozzy and strut from the land before time 2

  154. I bet you could add some more sharpteeth villains newleaf eating dinosaurus
    Herbavores , naustoceratops, tistanosaurus, iguanodon lambeosaurus, kristosaurus therazeinosaurus

    Carnivores aka sharp teeth carnotaurus , megalosaurus, troodon,ceratosaurus dilophosaurus, compsagnathus ceylophysis

    Maybe you can loosely base a few scenes on dinosaur documents such as walking with dinosaurs or when dinosaurs roamed america universal oh and just so you know I bet iff you made a few characters referencing mythology or legend that might attract kids

  155. If you don’t like it don’t watch it, Land before time is better then any other show/movie now a days all the movies/shows now have Sex,Drugs,Weed,Girlfriends/Boyfriends, Smoking, No respect for one other, Not caring for one other, Hate, Getting back on people for what they done to you, If you don’t like it so freaking much then don’t watch it watch something else, Easy as that, But if you tell us “Land before time fans” that they should hurry up and kill littlefoot and his gang, Then your really in the wrong, Now you have your opinion I have my. I’m just saying if you really don’t like it don’t watch it and watch something else

  156. Actually both the land before time and the original disney movies sent very good messages to children i think its pretty funny you made this whole review about only the covers of the movies bc if you had actually watched the secret of saurus rock you would realize those two little threehorns are ceras nieces not her daughters so way to make yourself sound like a moron this entire post is retarded instead of attacking excellent children movies you should be saying something about the worst movie series ever paranormal activity i mean you are an adult so grow up and critic adult movies that is all

  157. Fool this movie and Tv series shows what friends are! i watch this since i was a kid! and it teach us different lessons we can use to our daily life! so don’t watch it if you don’t like! maybe you have no friends at all because you stinks like a coward!

  158. Fuck the creator of this article and everyone in this comment section who agreed with him, the Land Before Time is one of my favourite works of fiction ever and I cherish the first one and all of the sequels. For you retards information, theres twice as many people who love the sequels as there are those who hate it. Your arguments are invalid, and I banged your mothers last night and they LOOOVED it. Peace

  159. make me can speak your language make your story come true make me can speak your language shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu to do it all

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