Five questions

Hey guess what, it’s time for another five-question Friday. As a matter of fact, this is the first five-question Friday that has ever existed, which begs a sixth question: What the hell is five-question Friday?

Question #1) Is the Bermuda Triangle still haunted? Does anybody know? It’s been years since I’ve heard of even a two-seater plane disappearing. Shouldn’t we get a 20/20 crew over there immediately?

Question #2) Has anybody ever actually seen a dog catcher? I’m starting to think they don’t exit. Are they merely fictional characters of a Tom & Jerry cartoon, or are there really people driving around capturing stray dogs?

Question #3) Why is every single sidewalk at Michigan State under construction right now? Anybody?

Question #4) Shouldn’t a celebrity fake their own death? I know it sounds morbid, but would anybody object if somebody like Tupac or Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes casually came back to life? And they completely refused to explain anything? Wouldn’t this be a great news story?

Question #5) Did anybody know that my girlfriend Bethany has a website that makes even less sense than this one?

One thought on “Five questions

  1. I’ve seen a dog catcher once. They say they’re not from these parts – and I’d have to agree. They must of been at least 7 feet tall, and strong enough to skin a tree. No… don’t go messing around with those dog catchers. Trust me.

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