As a general rule, if you have arrived at eKarjala using Google, this page is almost certainly not what you were looking for. For example, according to the Bravenet.com hit-counter at the bottom of my page, today somebody staggered onto this site looking for “vicodin pictures.” I don’t know why Google thinks that I specialize in pictures of Vicodin, but I really don’t. Meanwhile, another person recently came across this page using the search “gifts after getting your wisdom teeth pulled.” This guy was apparently looking for a gift to generously give their poor friend who just got his or her wisdom teeth pulled, but instead they ended up listening to me call a bunch of things retarded. I feel bad about this, and incase this person comes back, I would like to suggest that they get him a caramel apple, and then delight in watching him struggle to eat it. Then they should get him a book about airplanes, because airplanes are neat.

What some people may not know is that this is not the only site called eKarjala on the Information Superhighway of Fun. For the discerning viewer, there is http://www.ekarjala.fi/, which makes way less sense than my site does, possibly because it is written in Finnish. Their slogan is Maakuntaportaali, which I wish I had thought of first, as it is a clever double-meaning: It refers to the fact that their site is concurrently both Maakunta Port and Taport aali aali aali. Additionally, it raises an interesting question: Can anything truly be Maakuntaportaali without first being Maakunt Ali Port, or is that an oxymoron? Then again, Maakun Portaali Kunta. No pun intended!

If you don’t understand eKarjala.fi, I recommend checking out this page, which is a random list of gibberish that may help clarify things. Here is an actual quote from this page:

Intra 3



Thanks a lot, eKarjala.fi, that really answers a lot of my questions about Asian Tuntijas. However, you forgot to mention the following:



teenage mutant ninja turtles cereal

In conclusion, Maakuntaportaali.

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  1. I found this site yesterday by searching for 96. I know what you’re thinking: WTF was I doing searching for 96 and why did I then proceed to click on ekarj.com when it obviously had nothing to do with 96? How dare you!

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