Crazy hobos

The reason I havenít been updating this time is because Iíve been embroiled in a move across the country. Since then I havenít had access to the internet, which has felt like a grotesque sociological experiment and left me incapable of completing many basic human tasks, such as anything related to communication, commerce, navigation, and the accumulation of knowledge. Itís OK now, though: I bought a laptop and am prepared to put more work into eKarjala. Thatís because Iím now living in Berkeley, California, where there are many very inspiring hobos.

Actually I canít really tell whoís homeless and whoís just crazy. One time after tossing a Frisbee around with a friend, this random guy starts haranguing me, ďThat Frisbee isnít a cross! It must be satanic. The Christians wonít like that. You better get that godless artifact out of here before they see it.Ē I was all, ďYeah, whatever that means.Ē Then he proceeded to enter a car that was way nicer than I could ever afford and joked, ďActually, I majored at Frisbee back at Harvard.Ē Maybe he wasnít so crazy after all, I thought to myself, except for the fact that he was clinically insane. But I wouldnít be the least bit surprised if it turned out he was the mayor.

Iím quite familiar with the common tin can vagrant, but the sheer scope and diversity of crazy people in Berkeley is stunning. Back when hands-free earpieces for cell phones were becoming popular, it always seemed like people were talking to themselves and I had to train my brain to process these people not as lunatics but as mere douches. Now my brainís relearning its old method of evaluation. On a daily basis I pass by dozens of people who are continuously broadcasting their own crazy little radio station. Sometimes I pretend to be waiting for somebody outside the library, but really Iím just listening to one of my favorite homeless personalities going on one of his classic rants about bicycles. Maybe I donít quite understand most of whatís being said, but itís still riveting radio. And each passing day it makes a little bit more sense.

9 thoughts on “Crazy hobos

  1. Hey
    Its good to here that you made it out to Cali!!! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and grossly expensive living costs!

  2. Pat’s uncle lives in Berkeley and ran for representative of his district on the platform to get rid of all the hobos and all of the frisbees. He didn’t win.

  3. Yeah, good luck with that, hobos are 70% of the voting block here. Tell him to run on a platform forcing businesses to offer hobo shopping cart parking behind their shops.

  4. Hobo would say Flashflights suck!! I had one for a few hours and it broke into a million pieces. They are junk! Check out the BEST LED Light Up FRISBEES on the planet by Black Jax Sports…the company started in SF and have been know to play night Frisbee golf in Golden Gate Park.

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