Continental breakfasts

Continental breakfasts always sound delicious, and whenever I stay in a hotel I make it a point to wake up early to indulge in this exotic complimentary meal. An entire continent’s breakfast array is waiting for me downstairs, with untold platters of steaming meats, bouquets of fruits, a diverse selection of freshly-baked bread, eggs, and fine cheeses. Or I could settle for some shitty muffins and Cheerios, that would also be wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Continental breakfasts

  1. Consolation from Nietzsche:

    ‘The genius and emptiness. – Among artists, it is precisely the original minds, creating out of themselves, who can in certain circumstances produce what is wholly empty and insipid; while more dependent natures, so-called talents, remain full of memories of everything at all good, and produce something tolerable even in their weak condition.’

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