Christmas tree ornaments

Probably the worst Christmas gift you could give somebody is a Christmas tree ornament. It’s like, “Oh great, a new ornament for my Christmas tree. Which I’m about to take down because Christmas is over. This will really come in handy for the next hour and a half.” Not until the following Christmas season will an ornament truly become useful, if a fanciful decorative bauble can even be described as “useful.” Why not just give them some Independence Day fireworks? That’s only six months away. Or if you insist on mocking them with your untimely gifts, why not go ahead and have them unwrap an actual Christmas tree? I think that might really mean a lot to them. Or maybe you could surprise them with an engraved tombstone.

4 thoughts on “Christmas tree ornaments

  1. That’s perfect. There is also the issue of the constantly growing collection of ugly ornaments people have given you. What do you do with them? You can’t throw them away because those people will be at your house searching your tree for them. The only option is to give in and accept your tree will grow uglier every year.

  2. That’s funny because I just received a hand made ornament for xmas yesterday from my mother of a portly naked angel with droopy tits and a flat ass. I wonder what underlying message she was trying to send?

  3. You guys are retards. Materialistic, spoiled retards. Christmas is about friends and family, not cool stuff. Not that I’m against cool stuff, I love to give and get it myself. You people are the third most important reason that I hate christmas. First and foremost, it’s the ads. Second, and partly contained within the first is the fucking music. Holy baby fucking Jesus. Knock it off.

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