I went to the bank the other day and found out that I had enough money to buy all my textbooks for my first semester of college, as well as provide me with enough spending cash to last me until I get a job next year. Alternatively, I had enough money to buy a new digital camcorder, and then be broke next year. After giving it some thought, I decided to go with the camcorder option, as filming random junk is fun.

However, when I tried to buy one at Best Buy, they were all, “Sorry, but the check you wrote us failed to clear. We can’t sell you this camcorder. By the way, I’m stupid because I work at Best Buy.” So I was like, “Fine, then I’m going to Circuit City, where they treat people with respect. You can expect the Idea Box to hear about this.”

Circuit City, by the way, is one hell of a city. The staff there is helpful and informative, and their prices and product selection are very nice. Additionally, they take my checks. So I bought a Sony DCRTRV120 Digital 8 Camcorder there, and will recieve it by about Wendesday (as it turns out, they didn’t have any in stock at the moment, so they have to send it to me). When I get it, I’ll be able to use the camcorder to take still pictures and post them on the “internet” (whatever that is).

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