Bugs on my monitor

So what the hell is up with bugs always flying onto my monitor? Without fail, within two minutes of using my computer, at least one smart-ass bug will immediately crawl all over the screen. My current theory suggests that these bugs are retarded. I don’t know what they’re looking for, or where they came from, but they’re really pissing me off.

As everyone has heard by now, Napster has gotten shut down. That’s a relief, because I was really, really tired of being able to receive free music any time I wanted it. And next year at “college” I will have a quick “internet” connection, making the MP3 downloading process using Napster much faster, had it not been forced to close. Excellent. I nearly had a chance to download any song I felt like listening to in less than a minute. Whew. I’m glad that scare is over with. That was a close one.

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