Board Games & You

There’s a new article in the articles section today called Board Games & You. In it I argue that certain functions of episodic memory are dependent upon individual experience, during both the preoperational thought and concrete operations stages of childhood, of simulated-competitive tasks, or games, while reconciling that with the relevant social-ecological studies of unconsciously repressed memory formed during the preoperational thought and concrete operational stages of childhood using Erikson’s model of “Industry versus inferiority.” This comes on the heels of my landmark study on how college is a complete waste of time.

Also, because I’ve been so inconsistent with updating, I have a new policy: this site will be updated every other day until further notice.

One thought on “Board Games & You

  1. Oh wow, i guess American children are too sensitive to have the original snakes and ladders, so you have chutes and ladders


    no wonder us Europeans start world wars, we let our children play with snakes

    Did that make sense?

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