OK, here’s how retarded bees are: they kill themselves just to piss you off. Think about it. . . . If you were a bee, would you commit suicide simply to sting somebody? I mean, all it would do is give them a momentary feeling of discomfort. Meanwhile, you, the bee, would die slowly and painfully. You know, if I was a bee, I think I’d just scare people a little, like by going in their hair, or landing on their arm. Just to teach them not to go near me when I’m pollinating a flower. Hey, I need my privacy.

Now I don’t mean to come off so “anti-bee” here, but it’s just that I’ve been stung one too many times. Bees can be alright, when they’re chillin’ in their hives and making me a jar of honey. But when they go into your car and sting you? I’m sorry, that’s not cool.

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