A raccoon

The other night, I was startled to find a little raccoon under my bed. Since my room is on the second floor, I don’t know how the hell it got there, or what it was looking for, but I’m planning on getting it back. When I find the hole or tree or whatever it lives in, I’m going to crawl in when it’s not home, and wait for it to come back. Then I’m going to surprise it, and be like, “What now? How do you like it? That’s what I thought.”

Todd, Owen and I are planning on going for a road trip next week, though we haven’t a clue as to were to go. Northward is pretty much out of the question, as Canada is my vision of hell.

This weeks poll, by the way, comes from Bobbo (Abdullah the butcher). You, too, could submit your own poll question. Hey, why not, right?

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