Dog size map

After completing extensive fieldwork on the subject of dog size, I have prepared the following graphic:

Nowhere are dogs tinier than in California. Sometimes when a Californian woman is digging around in her purse for her wallet, she’ll temporarily remove four or five dogs who live inside. Pretty soon they’re going to start breeding dogs so tiny, you’ll see them poking their little heads out of people’s pants pockets. People will be walking around the street patting their pockets going, “Oh, no! Did I leave Mr. Whipples at the restaurant? Oh wait, here he is, in my inside coat pocket. Oh, poor Mr. Whipples, you’re so sleepy! Come on, let’s go home and put you to bed in your sardine tin.”

13 thoughts on “Dog size map

  1. This post brings to light yet another reason why cats are better than dogs – they only come in one size.

  2. Jason im sorry you are wrong. Dogs are infinitly better. Even better then my grammer and spelling. One day My Newfie will eat one of your cats and you will see the truth.


    *Note that is not the name of my cat. I don’t even have a cat. But they’re still better than dogs.

  4. I have a cat named “Vultan:_____________”

    The blank is then replaced with some other optional subname/subtitle that describes Vultan such as “Vultan:The Destroyer of Worlds” or “Vultan:Consumer of Nations”.

    Cats are better than dogs. True story.

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