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Well, it’s Easter weekend. Allow me to offer a little advice: Before you sit down, make sure nobody hid an egg in your pants. Trust me, a little “egg in the pants” gag can turn into a serious situation if you’re not careful.

Hmm . . . it seems the trend these days is to change up the appearance of one’s webpage. Perhaps I, too, should change the design of mine. That would be bogus.

Comments (2) to “Easter weekend”

  1. I had a race like that in June. I was panting the entire 6 miles. It was warm and really humid and I had eaten something that wasn’t sitting well. It hasn’t happened again since, so I’m chalking it up to just one of “those” runs. Hope that’s all it is for you!

  2. CristinaIntr-adevar, este foarte important iti respecti cuvantul dat. Am asistat in parc la o scena de genul: daca te urci acolo plecam acasa si nu te mai aduc niciodata in parc. iar raspunsul copilului a fost: asa ai spus si data trecuta!Pana la un an si trei luni noi nu ne-am confruntat cu situatia descrisa in text, asa ca pot doar sa presupun ce as face, dar rezultatul nu as putea sa-l garantez

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